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Uryan Modular eurorack cases


2024 april:

2024 march:

  • Basic Series is now available, a budget-friendly solution for those who prefer simpler cases, or for those new to eurorack modular synthesisers


2024 february:

  • Classical series cases are now available with a forward bending curved upper part

  • Black rails are available now

    • not all sizes are in stock, so there may be a slightly longer lead time

2024 january:

From January 2024, we've introduced some major improvements to our cases to make our products even better looking and our customers more satisfied:

  • the woodwork on the cases is completely screwless

  • the rails are secured from the inside by aluminium sidebrackets

  • many other refined details make the new cases more beautiful

  • additional busboards will be added on some sizes


and it's not over yet, this year will be all about improvements for Uryan Modular.

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Handmade wooden eurorack case & 19" rack

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