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Uryan Modular eurorack cases are handmade to order, with an average production time of up to 8 - 14 working days, and an average delivery time of 1 - 3 weeks within the EU and 1 - 5 weeks to countries outside the EU, tracked shipping via FedEx.

A brief technical description:

the base material is Paulownia wood, a light, very beautifully patterned species of wood from Spain, one of the most excellent and sustainable wood-processing plants in Europe.

Woodworking is screwless, fixed with glue and dowels. Rails are built in with black anodized aluminium sidebrackets.

The surface treatment, after repeated sanding, consists of staining and varnishing, with the option of hardwax finish and burned wood finish.

Basic Series cases made from 15mm plywood, fixed with screws, with a smooth sanded surface treatment.

Basic finishes are: natural (only varnish), walnut, black, burned wood, wild cherry. Other finishes are available on request.

If you would like to order without any surface treatment (raw wood), please send us a message.

Finish samples

The cases stands on Adam Hall rubber feet.

The back of the case has ventilation holes for temperarture controlling airflow.


As an option the cases can be ordered with built-in lighting, which is a dimmable NoSpot RGB Led strip in a recessed aluminium profile, together with a remote control and EU adapter.

Buyers outside the EU can order an adapter for their country from Amazon or eBay.

The eurorack modules are mounted on natural aluminium rails with M3 threaded bars.

Power is provided for the larger cases by the Uryan Modular F-PWR System, which consists of a 120W/6A wallbrick with a power cord matching customers plug type (EU-US-UK) and a DCDC converter built into the case.

The integrated part is cooled by heat sinks to keep the operating temperature below 60 degrees Celsius.

The modules can be connected to filtered busboards with 20 connection points.

The NanoPWR has 22 connection ports and the NanoPWR Mini has 14 connections.

The F-PWR System is equipped with a total of 4 layers of protection and 3 layers of noise filtering, no dangerous voltages are installed in the case.


Smaller cases powered by the Uryan Modular Nano PWR System, which consists of a 60W/3,33A wallbrick with a power cord matching customers plug type (EU-US-UK) and a DCDC converter built into the busboard with 22 connection ports for the modules.

The F-PWR power supply delivers the following power: +12V: 5A, -12V: 2,5A, +5V: 2A.

The Nano PWR System delivers the following power: +12V: 2,5A, -12V: 1,25A, +5V: 1,2A (switchable).

The Nano PWR Mini System delivers the following power: +12V: 2,5A, -12V: 1,25A, +5V: 1,2A (switchable).


Power upgrades available for additional PSUs or busboards, you can find in the Eurorack accessories section.

Customized cases are available on request.

Due to the handmade nature of the products and the continuous development, the finished products may differ slightly from the pictures, the technical parameters are given in the product description.

If you need more details, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

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